Jacqueline Finn Floral Design


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Jacqueline Finn Floral Design:

Bridal Bouquet of Mixed Pastels
Table Centre at Late Spring Wedding
Beautiful Bridal Posy designed with Ivory Roses, Waxflower and Pearl Detailing
A Candlestand clustered with Orchids and Pastel Roses
Eclectic Still Life of Crystal, Cut Glass and an Abundance of Flowers
A Beaded Cornucopia Chairback filled with Ivory White Roses
A Winter Table Centre of Amarylis and Roses
London Synagogue dressed with soft greys, cream and white flowers and foliage
Top Table Detailing
A Winter Fireplace with Amazrylis and Roses at Searcy's, London
Head to Head Roses and Orchids in Willow with Glass and Crystal Detailing
Table Centre of Dendrobium Orchids and Roses
Heaven Pink Roses and Organza
  Crystal and Cut Glass Detail on a Top Table at The Landmark Hotel, London  
Vendella Roses, Gipsophelia and Roses
Beautiful Stone Urn with Summer Flowers
Bridal Posy of Antique Roses
Candleabra clustered with Vendella Roses and Orchids
London Chupah richly embellished with Late Summer Flowers
Three Piece Tall Table Centre of Roses and Orchids
Table Centre of Dendrobium Orchids and Roses
Bridal Posy of Stargazer Lillies
Elegant Roomscape at Claridges, London
Soft Lilac Roses massed in Glass CylinderGlass
Beautiful Stone Urn with Spring Pastels
Striking Chupah decorated with Plump Avalanche Roses
Spring Tuilips massed in Cubes
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